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In March, Saturn enters Aquarius, a sign known for its global consciousness and The Mercury Retrograde period in February through March occurs in Pisces and . Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign. This Year. Next Year.
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If you do yoga bring your mat and use this hall in your free time - people often do it together. I use the hall here to build exercises of trust, connection and expression with you here, I can't tell you much more than during the retreat we build this in incremental steps with our exercises in this beautiful space - climaxing on Sunday afternoon with one of the deepest exercises that is one of the most powerful and well-remembered parts of the retreat - along with the stone circle visits.

This is where I see you in action and give you hands-on help to give you a leg-up to the next level of your Tarot practice. The retreats are the only time in the course we get to read face to face and I can witness this and give you hands-on practical assistance.

We like to give you a long lunch so you can stretch your legs on one of the many beautiful walks, retire to your room to recharge, or simply enjoy each other with no agenda, after all this is a retreat, and yes we are learning but we are aware we want you to come away feeling filled up on every front, that means we take into consideration the important balance of work, rest and play, and mind, body and spirit.

Often people think that to be a reader you just need to know the Tarot - this is not true.

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To be a good reader there has to be a deep understanding of how to communicate and build rapport, as well as an understanding of complex psychological dynamics. Feedback, identify the card that wants to sleep with you tonight, give thanks and closing circle. Day one is quite gentle, light and fun, you may still be recovering from the actual physical journey, and acclimatising to each other and the powerful energy here, so we take it easy on you! Alternatively, people get together and hire taxis, or bring food with them, there is a fridge in the lounge for this purpose.

Freetime: Pub, Wi-Fi, or I bring my Transformation Games and Gift of Enlightenment for people that want to carry on the self-development in a fun social way into the evening.

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Or NutriBullets of your request, fresh fruit, yoghurt, muesli, cereal or porridge, eggs and fabulously toasted crumpets from the Aga! West Penwith in Cornwall is a tiny piece of land in the far southwestern tip of Cornwall. It's literally littered by Megalithic Bronze age sites, the Fogou inside Rosmerryn is just one of them, that we visit at the beginning and end of the retreat. The other two sites we visit are the Merry Maidens and Boscowan Un. The energy at Boscowan Un stone circle is something else.

I lived in this land for several years and visited many of the megaliths and this one is by far my favourite. The energy is incredibly high and totally grounding all at the same time. Maybe it's to do with it being an ancient sundial aligned to Stonehenge?

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Or maybe its to do with this stone above that is covered in quartz! To be honest, my favourite stone is one in the outer circle. Boscowan Un recharges you like no other site I know. Find out what planets connect with what cards and what your birth chart looks like in Tarot!

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You'll come away seeing exactly what you are made up of and explore how you can neutralise and harmonize any parts of yourself that clash or cause you disharmony in your life - the first part of this exercise is solitary - you, your birth chart and your cards, then group discussion, followed by interactive expression in the hall, it is the climax of all of the exercises and one of the most powerful parts of the retreat. The end of day two is the end of an incredibly powerful day.

Or NutriBullets of your request, fresh fruit, yoghurt , muesli, cereal or porridge, eggs and fabulously toasted crumpets from the Aga! Time for you to say your last goodbyes to the grounds - until, hopefully, next time. Solo: 1 Room left. Come Down the Rabbit Hole! Would You like to Open the Door to the Magic? Are you someone that has always had an interest in Tarot and self-development? Would you like to learn the transformational power of the Tarot in a truly transformational place?

Does the sound of starting a new commitment to your spiritual journey on a whole deeper level whilst being held in a powerful circle, within magical stone circles appeal to you? The Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat. Come along and see!

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  6. And only certain taxis are in the know too! Friday 28th February:. Saturday 29th February:. Sunday 1st March:. Monday 2nd March:. Emotions run high at the end of such a deep time spent together, yet Tiffany Crosara has been professionally assisting others to clearly identify their blocks and work through them for over twelve years. The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer is a concept Tiffany has made to help people find they have the answers within, she now travels the world holding Game Changer days which are great inspirational and insightful fun and part of this retreat too!

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